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Aza and Hori to Attend Anime Expo 2015



For their seventh anniversary, The-O Network is proud to announce that they will be collaborating with the South Korean cosplay design firm 2AO Design to bring the amazing cosplay talents of Aza and Hori to the United States as guests during Anime Expo 2015, the nation's largest anime and manga convention convention held July 2- July 5 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.



Known for their stunningly beautiful cosplay work, Aza and Hori, have risen to cosplay stardom through their modeling work with the South Korean cosplay design firm 2AO Design. Making their mark by working with both amateur and professional photographers alike, their extensive portfolio includes Oreimo, League of Legends, Sailor Moon and many more. Recently, Aza was selected as the Korean representative for the 2014 World Cosplay Summit.



Fans can expect to pick up exclusive buttons available only at Anime Expo, photos and posters during the convention. More information to come soon.



Please join Aza, Hori, 2AO Design and The-O Network for many more events including a panel, autograph signings and photo sessions to help make their trip a memorable one.



For any interviews, inquiries or requests, please contact webmaster@t-ono.net






2AO News: http://www.2aodesign.com/#!2ao-news/c1od8
2AO Works: http://www.2aodesign.com/#!works/cg19
2AO Hori: http://www.2aodesign.com/#!hori/c11ni
2AO Aza: http://www.2aodesign.com/#!aza/ckgi



About 2AO



2AO Design has been delivering professional costume and props since 2013 and has been featured in television and film including Korea's largest music TV channel Mnet and the upcoming Korean movie, Pandora. Other clients include video game maker Riot Games Korea and animation publisher Kadokawa. 2AO wishes to spread the culture of cosplay as an artform globally.



About The-O Network



The-O Network is a promotions company dedicated to serving the Japanese content industry through services including marketing, translation, promotion and localization. Formed in 2007, the company is composed of industry veterans who have worked with some of the largest anime-related organizations are ready to tackle and support your consulting-based needs.



Additionally, we are a global leader in providing exclusive coverage, editorials, interviews, news, previews, and reviews on our online website appealing towards English and Japanese-speaking markets. The company currently operates and is managed in the Bay Area.



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